Red Squirrel

Red Squirrels at Breaks For 2

Helping to conserve a truly British symbol of the countryside.

Our guests are always in awe of the many encounters that they have with the local wildlife while staying at Breaks For 2.

The visitor books record sightings of deer, badgers, owls, foxes, king fishers and many more of our countryside favourites.

There is though a true diamond and that is the Red Squirrel.

We work closely with the Berwick Squirrel Group, encouraging an environment around our cottages that will allow for the red squirrels to thrive. From the roadside as you head over the little bridge, you can see one of the feeding stations, where the squirrels are regularly seen taking hazelnuts.

We are very proud to be able to share the footage from Bradford Farm, where Breaks For 2 is located, of an active red squirrel family.